RAD Data Communications OPTIMUX-45L

RAD Data Communications OPTIMUX-45L

48VDC Fiber Optics Multiplexer

The RAD Data Communications OPTIMUX-45L is one of our refurbished 48VDC Fiber Optics Multiplexers.

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RAD Data Communications OPTIMUX-45L Features:

  • Up to 28 T1 or 21 E1 channels multiplexed into a single 45 Mbps data stream
  • Combination of T1 and E1 channels
  • Transmission over coax or fiber optic cable
  • Range up to 110 km (68 miles)


The Optimux-45L fiber optic multiplexer provides a simple, flexible and cost-effective solution for transporting multiple E1 and T1 signals at distances of up to 110 km (68 miles). The multiplexers integrate up to 21 E1, 28 T1 or combination of E1 and T1 channels, over a single 45 Mbps data stream. This provides an easily configurable solution, flexible enough to meet the specific requirements of a broad range of applications. TheAccessCompany