Reedholm Instruments R51

Reedholm Instruments R51

TDDB Multi-tasking Reliability Analyzer

The Reedholm Instruments R51 is one of our refurbished TDDB Multi-tasking Reliability Analyzers.

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The Reedhold Instruments Parametric Tester is well suited for Wafer Level Reliability (WLR) tests in both process monitoring and engineering applications. The Reedholm test platform, together with the test structures supplied by Turner Engineering Technology, fulfill all the requirements for semiconductor reliability assurance testing and process evaluations. Technologies currently supported are:

  • Metal Evaluation
  • MOS Evaluation
  • Bipolar Evaluation
  • Self Heated Evaluation

Reedholm Instruments R51 Features:

  • TDDB Multi-tasking Reliability Analyzer


Contains the following boards:
Qty 6 VF-4001T PN 11059 REV B
Qty 1 DMM-4002T PN 11049 REV E
Qty 4 VFIF-4001T PN 11002 REV AF
Qty 3 PAM-1003T PN 11015 REV D
Qty 40 CPM-4002T PN 11058
Qty 2 NEW-4001T PN 17024