Rohde & Schwarz CMD60

CMD60 Rohde & Schwarz Communication Analyzer

Digital Radio Communications Tester

The CMD60 is a communication analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz. A communication analyzer is a superior type of electronic test equipment for physical layer, circuit, and new technology testing. Anyone in the business of testing data networks can use a communication analyzer for the measurement and monitoring of equipment.

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The Rohde & Schwarz CMD60 addresses all aspects of test and measurement applications from production and service to development and quality assurance. It comes equipped with remote control via IEEE488/IEC625 bus + RS232, automated regression and stress testing of DUT, and automatic go/no go testing of fixed and portable part.


  • High production output at low investment for test equipment
  • The R&S® CMD60 can be remote controlled via IEC/IEEE-bus interface using SCPI-compatible commands.
  • Comprehensive test capabilities implemented in one single unit.


  • Comprehensive in-depth measurements based on ETSI Rec. CTR06
  • A lot of complex test setups with conventional equipment become redundant with the use of this special DECT tester
  • Automatic regression and stress tests
  • The tester supplies a great number of DECT-specific signals such as bit clock, TX/RX enable, to control the module under test
  • Comprehensive audio tests


  • Ergonomic user interface and relaxed manual operation due to a large bright LCD (requires noDECT-specific knowledge) strictly separated from the expert user interface for configuration
  • Integrated tools such as a scope display for power and FM demodulation versus time ease troubleshooting


Rohde & Schwarz CMD60 - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
B1 OCXO reference oscillator
B17 I/Q signals from the CMD modulator and burst trigger signals
B19 GSM1900 mobile and base station test
B2 High-stability OCXO
B20 GSM-specific voltage and current measurement
B3 Multifrequency reference input/output
B30 High-level RF output/sensitive RF input
B4 Fast power ramp, phase/frequency error & BER measurement
B41 Includes audio frequency (AF) generator, voltmeter, distortion meter and frequency counter
B42 High dynamic range burst analyzer,enhances the dynamic range to more than 72 dB
B43 Carries out GSM measurements of spectrum due to switching and modulation according to the GSM, GSM18
B44 Audio multitone option based on DSP techniques,makes it possible to generate and measure up to 14 tones
B5 Speech Codec
B51 Internal GSM full rate (FR) and enhanced full rate (EFR) speech coder/decoder
B6 Adapters for B6x options, provides GSM specific signals and trigger signals
B61 IEC/IEEE 488-bus interface
B62 Memory card interface,allows storage of instrument setups and fast and easy upgrade to new software
B9 2nd RF Synthesizer
K43 Signalling Software
U1 Upgrade to GSM multiband functionality
U10 MByte memory extension for CPU1 or CPU2
U11 High-speed processor including 8MB RAM
U12 Modification for fast BER (burst-by-burst) capability
U13 10 dB Higher Sensitivity at RF IN/OUT connector
U18 Output level of -15 dBm for RF input/output N
U19 GSM1900 mobile test
U5 GSM time synchronization signal and demodulated I and Q signals
U65 GSM multiband upgrade for CMD60. Functionality comparable to CMD65