Rohde & Schwarz CMD80

Rohde & Schwarz CMD80

Communication Test Set

The Rohde & Schwarz CMD80 is a used Communication Test Set.
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Option Descriptions:
B01: High-stability reference oscillator
B81: Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) generator
B03: Multireference frequency Inputs/Outputs
B60: Adapter for B61 and B62
B61: IEEE Bus Interface
B62: Memory Card Interface
B14: 13k vocoder rate (14.4k data rate)
K01: Adds cellular operation
K02: Adds PCS operation
  • Fast measurement speed

  • High measurement accuracy and repeatability

  • High reliability and quality

  • High flexibility

  • Triple mode (CDMA, TDMA, Analog) dual band (cellular, PCS) in one box

  • Easy to use

  • Remote control via IEEE488/IEC625 bus

  • Autotest - complete mobile testing at a keystroke

  • Remote control via GPIB or RS232

  • Suitable for production, development and service

  • Very fast remote control operation

  • Excellent price/ performance ratio

  • Voice lookback and comprehensive testing of mobiles

  • Powerful signaling capabilties

  • Simple interactive operation

  • Compact and lightweight

  • No specialized network knowledge required

  • Service mode for exact fault location

Rohde & Schwarz CMD80 - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
B1 OCXO reference oscillator
B14 Rate set 2 extension for CDMA mobile phones
B17 I/Q signals from the CMD modulator and burst trigger signals
B3 Multifrequency reference input/output
B60 Internal option required to support B61 and B62 options
B61 IEC/IEEE 488-bus interface
B62 Memory card interface,allows storage of instrument setups and fast and easy upgrade to new software
B81 Lets white gaussian noise be added to the base station signal, simulating CDMA traffic channels
B82 Analog extension
B84 IS-136 extension
K1 CDMA cellular extension
K2 CDMA PCS extension
U22 Controller board upgrade
U82 Analog board upgrade
U84 Link handler upgrade