Rohde & Schwarz ESPC

Rohde & Schwarz ESPC

9 kHz - 1 GHz EMI Test Receiver

The Rohde & Schwarz ESPC is one of our refurbished 1 GHz EMI Test Receivers.

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Rohde & Schwarz ESPC Features:
  • Correct interference weighting to CISPR 16-1 down to 10-Hz pulse repetition frequency
  • Integrated preselection
  • For all commercial EMI standards such as CISPR, EN, ETS, FCC and ANSI C63.4, VCCI as well as VDE
  • Automatic overload detection
  • Power sourcing from internal or external battery
  • Easy to use thanks to built-in macro functions
  • EMI test software under Windows™ supplied as standard

Special features of ESPC

  • Large frequency range from 150 kHz to 1000 MHz
  • Options for frequency extension to 9 kHz and 2500 MHz
  • Parallel detectors for average, peak and quasi-peak reading
  • Fast synthesizer: frequency resolution 10 Hz and 100 Hz

Powerful processor system

  • Macros for automatic and semi-automatic test routines
  • Automatic level calibration
  • Measurement of voltage, field strength, current and pulse spectral density with display of relevant units•Automatic consideration of frequency-dependent transducer factors

Since the ESPC has been designed for use in electrical and electronic industries to cover all stages of development and production, it offers a compact and economical solution in particular for:

  • Development-accompanying EMI diagnostic measurements
  • Pre- and post-qualification tests
  • Production tests

With the aid of fast prescan measurements and subsequent evaluation the ESPC checks the equipment under test specified up to a frequency limit of 1 GHz only. The ESPC provides an optional frequency range extension up to 2.5 GHz which can also be retrofitted.

Rohde & Schwarz ESPC - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
B1 Internal Battery with Automatic Charging
B2 Frequency Extension 9 kHz to 150 kHz and IF bandwidth 200 Hz
B3 Frequency Extension 1000 to 2500 MHz