Rohde & Schwarz EX-IQ-BOX

Rohde & Schwarz EX-IQ-BOX

Digital Signal Interface Module

The Rohde & Schwarz EX-IQ-BOX is one of our refurbished Digital Signal Interface Modules. 

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Rohde & Schwarz EX-IQ-BOX Features:

  • Conversion of digital I/Q signals to and from the device under test
  • Flexible user-defined digital I/Q interface settings
  • Bidirectional digital I/Q interface for signal generators and analyzers
  • An R&S SMU200A, R&S SMJ100A, R&S AMU200A or R&S AFQ100A signal generator produces standard-compliant digital baseband signals when combined with the R&S EX-IQ-Box
  • Support of all important state-of-the-art standards such as EUTRA/LTE, 3GPP FDD, HSPA, WiMAX, GSM/EDGE, etc.
  • Versatile signal processing capabilities (e.g. fading, AWGN, I/Q impairments)
  • Simple and flexible conversion of digital baseband signals to analog IF or RF signals (together with the R&S SMU200A)
  • Vector signal analysis of digital baseband signals of all important modern standards such as EUTRA/LTE, 3GPP FDD, HSPA, WiMAX, GSM/EDGE, etc. (together with the R&S FSQ, R&S FSG or R&S FMU)
  • Flexible data formats and clock generation, suitable for slow I/Q operation
  • The R&S®EX-IQ-Box is a digital interface module that provides flexible digital baseband inputs or outputs for signal generators, signal analyzers and communications testers from Rohde & Schwarz.