Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Z11

Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Z11

10 MHz - 8 GHz , Average Power Sensor for Universal Use

The Rohde & Schwarz NRP Z11 is one of our used Power Sensors with a frequency range of 10 MHz - 8 GHz.
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The Power Sensors R&S NRP-Z11, R&S NRP-Z21, R&S NRP-Z22, R&S NRP-Z23 and R&S NRP-Z24 fuse multiple-path architecture, multiple-diode technology and a simultaneously scanning multichannel measurement system into a unique high-performance concept.

Multiple-path architecture means combining two or three diode detectors to obtain a large dynamic range for modulated signals. This is achieved by operating each detector exclusively in the square-law region, and only using the optimally driven detectors for the measurement.

Multiple diodes comprise several zero-bias Schottky diodes connected in series and integrated on one chip. When used in an RF detector, they expand its square-law region, because the measurement voltage is split among several diodes – so that each one is driven less – while at the same time the detected voltages of the individual diodes are added.

Sensor architecture in R&S NRP-Z11/-Z21/-Z22/-Z23/-Z24

  • 10 MHz - 8 GHz
  • 200 pW - 200 mW (P/N 1138.3004.02)
  • The multipath architecture, for which Rohde & Schwarz has a patent pending, has the following features:3 signal paths, each fitted with triple diodes
  • 6 dB wide overlap ranges, smooth transitions
  • Simultaneous scanning and analysis
  • Chopper stabilization of the signal paths for repetitive signals
  • The advantages over conventional technology are obvious: high signal/noise ratio throughout, low modulation effect, negligible delays and discontinuities when switching signal paths, and the ability to perform a time-domain analysis of the test signal within the available video bandwidth.Thus these sensors not only compete with peak power meters, they are even superior in two respects:No restrictions on the RF bandwidth of the test signal
  • Larger dynamic range