Rohde & Schwarz TS8955GW

Rohde & Schwarz TS8955GW

WCDMA RF Precompliance / R&D Test System

The Rohde & Schwarz TS8955GW is one of our refurbished WCDMA RF Compliance / R&D Test Systems.
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The R&S® TS89xx family represents a full range of highly configurable RF test systems for user equipment (UE) and mobiles. The R&S® TS8950 and R&S® TS8970 represent the top end of the new, third generation of RF test systems from Rohde & Schwarz that fulfils all requirements for RF conformance tests on 2G, 2.5G, 3G and WIMAX devices.

Customized and standard solutions for R&D, development and precompliance testing are available with the R&S TS8955x test solutions. These are the R&S® TS8955G, TS8955W and TS8955GW in various sizes, depending on the required functionalities. R&S® TS8955 uses the same application software as the R&S® TS8950.

System Consists of the following:

(1) FSU26 Spectrum Analyzer
FSU-B10: External Generator Control
FSU-B21: LO/ZF Connections for External Mixers
FSU-B23: Preamplifier
FSU-B25: Electronic Attenuator
FSU-B27: FM Output
FSU-B28: Trigger Port
FSU-K5: Application Software GSM/EDGE
FSU-K72: Application Firmware 3GPP FDD BTS Transmitter Test
FSU-K73: Application Firmware 3GPP-FDD UE Transmitter Test

(1) PSL3
System Controller
PSL-B&: Second Hard Disk (250 GByte
PSL-K12: Windows XP Embedded Operating System (32 Bit)

(1) SMU200A
Vector Signal Generator
SMU-B10: Baseband A with ARB (64ms) and Dig. Mod.
SMU-B10: Baseband B with ARB (64ms) and Dig. Mod.
SMU-B13: Baseband Main Module
SMU-B13: Baseband Main Module
SMU-B14: Fading Simulator
SMU-B15: Fading Simulator Extension
SMU-B17: Baseband Digital/Analog In
SMU-B30 : Overvoltage Protection
SMU-B35: Overvoltage Protection
SMU-B81: Rear Connector 1st Path
SMU-B82: Rear Connector 2nd Pat
SMU-B103: 100 KhZ - 3 GHz
SMU-B203: 100 KhZ - 3 GHz
SMU-K40: Dig. Std. GSM/EDGE
SMU-K42: Dig. Std. 3GPP/FDD
SMU-K43: Dig. Std. 3GPP Enh. BS/MS Test Incl. HSDPA
SMU-K62: Additive White Gaussian Noise
SMU-K71: Dynamic Fading and Enhanced Resolution

(1) TS-55CONN Combiner