Rohde & Schwarz UPV

UPV Rohde & Schwarz Audio Analyzer

DC - 250 kHz Audio Analyzer

The UPV is a 250 kHz Audio Analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz. With an audio spectrum analyzer, measure frequency response, level and gain, phase intermodulation distortion, signal-to-noise ratio, crosstalk, time domain display, and total harmonic distortion plus noise.

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Rohde & Schwarz UPV Features:

  • Suitable for all interfaces: analog, digital and combined
  • Simultaneous display of multiple measurement functions
  • Sampling rate up to 400 kHz
  • User-programmable filters for analyzers and generators
  • Compact instrument with integrated PC
  • Slots for future options

Although audio signals are mainly processed digitally nowadays, analog technology will remain a viable alternative that is continuously being enhanced. Therefore, both analog and digital measurements must be performed. The

R&S®UPV audio analyzer is designed precisely for this purpose.

Rohde & Schwarz UPV - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
B1 Low Distortion Generator
B2 Digital I/O 192 kHz
B3 Second Analog Generator
B41 I2s Interface For Standard Measurements
U1 Modification 150 Ohm
U2 BNC Phone Out
K1 Universal Sequence Controller
K4 Remote Control
K61 Software for PESQ Measurement
K63 Software for POLQA Measurement
K9 Base Software for Mobile Phone Tests
K91 UMTS/GSM Mobile Phone Tests
K9101 Upgrade no. 01 to Rohde & Schwarz UPV-K91 software, acc. to release 9 of 3GPP specifications
K92 CDMA2000 mobile phone tests