Rohde & Schwarz ZVR

Rohde & Schwarz ZVR

4 GHz Network Analyzer

The Rohde & Schwarz ZVR is one of our refurbished 4 GHz Network Analyzers.

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NIST Calibration Pricing - $695.00

Rohde & Schwarz ZVR Features:

  • Dynamic Range: >130 dB (IF bandwidth 10 Hz)
  • Low inherent noise: <-130 dBm (measurement bandwidth 3 kHz)
  • Broad frequency range: 10 Hz to 4 GHz
  • High measurement speed: <125 µs/point (normalized), <240 µs/point (fully calibrated)
  • High sweep rate: >>25 sweeps/s (200 points)
  • Manual calibration techniques: TOM, TRM, TRL, TNA, TOM-X, TOSM
  • Automatic calibration AutoKal
  • Compatibility with PC, CAE

The Rohde & Schwarz ZVR Network Analyzers comprise a test set with two SWR bridges, an RF switch, two measurement channels and two reference channels.

With this configuration a variety of novel calibration procedures, eg TNA, can be performed, which considerably improve the accuracy particularly in non-coaxial applications.

The Rohde & Schwarz ZVR Network Analyzer is suitable for applications in R&D and production no matter how sophisticated.

Rohde & Schwarz ZVR - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
B21 Generator Step Attenuator, Port 1
B22 Generator Step Attenuator, Port 2
B23 Receiver Attenuator, Port 1
B24 Receiver Attenuator, Port 2
B25 External Measurements,50 Ohm
B4 Mixer Measurements
B6 Reference Channel Ports
B7 Power Calibration
B8 3 Port Adapter
Montly Rental Monthly rental for the Rohde & Schwarz ZVR