Sencore CR7000

Sencore CR7000

CRT Analyzer and Restorer

The Sencore CR7000 is a used CRT Analyzer and Restorer.
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  • G1 Shorts: 20 megohm center scale H-K Shorts: 2 megohm center scale
  • Range: 10-400 VDC Video 1, Proj, and Scope CRT types;
    15-600 VDC Video 2 CRT type.
  • Range: Video & Projection: 20, 36, 52, 68, 84, 100, 116, 132,
    148, 164, 184 VDC; Scope: all bias voltages divided by 10.
  • Tests ratio of G2 voltages needed to produce cutoff current in all
    3 guns of a color CRT. Cutoff current measured between K and G1.
    "Good" indication if the G2 voltages are within 1.25:1.
  • Measures true beam current reaching G2.
  • Provides approximate indication of cathode reserve current by
    lowering filament voltage by 25%.
  • Automatically compares emission current between highest and lowest
    guns in "Simultaneous" gun test and indicates Good/Bad result with LED.
  • Range: 0-4; 4-8; 8-16 VDC.