Sencore FC71

Sencore FC71

Frequency Counter

The Sencore FC71 is one of our refurbished Frequency Counters.

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NIST Calibration Pricing - $179.40

The Sencore FC71 is a portable, digital frequency counter which directly measures any frequency from 10Hz to 1GHz with accuracy that exceeds FCC requirements.

The Sencore FC71 maintains useable accuracy over a wide temperature range and does not require a warm up time. It uses a microprocessor-compensated timebase that eliminates the need for an oven. This means it runs a full day on a single battery charge.

A supplied AC adapter/recharger allows bench operation, while a supplied cable allows it to be powered from an outside source of 12VDC. Special shielding, along with a metal RF resistant case, provides interference-free operation even near the most powerful transmitters.

The 8V2 digit display is readable under almost any lighting condition. Annunciators for "Hz", and "MHz", combined with automatic leading zero suppression, allow quick, interpretation-free readings.