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Sencore HDTV996

Sencore HDTV996

8VSB HDTV Signal Generator

The Sencore HDTV996 is one of our used 8VSB HDTV Signal Generators.

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The HDTV 996 provides a low cost ATSC 8VSB modulated output and supports all ATSC formats, including 720p and 1080i. The HDTV 996 also provides TTL and LVDS parallel transport stream output.

    • Provides a low cost ATSC 8VSB modulated output
    • Provides TTL and LVDS parallel Transport Stream output
    • Supports all ATSC formats including 720P and 1080I
    • Up to 100 minutes of programming capacity-Standard
    • Multiple input path for the data stream
    • TTL or LVDS parallel
    • Built in DVD
    • Optional 8VSB Receiver card for off air recording
    • Optional network card to import Transport Streams
    • Optional QPSK receiver for direct satellite recording
    • Optional SCSI drive interface for external drive connection
    • Looping capability and customization of the play list
    • Easy to use front panel
    • Player Functionality : PLAY LIST RECALL will recall to the unit display the list of programs stored in the unit that can be played; PLAY starts the selected program. The vacuum-flourescent displays play, program name, duration, format, and percent of stream played; STOP will stop the data stream and reset the program to the beginning of the stream; RECORD activates the units ability to capture a video data stream. The user can then select the file name and the input/source (TS and DVD Standard, QPSK or 8VSB if option installed); ERASE will remove the highlighted file from the PLAY LIST and release the corresponding space on the harddisk; KEYPAD ENTRY is used anytime the unit requires numeric or alpha data entry
    • ATSC Transport Stream output : Input Source: TTL or LVDS (selectable); Data Bit Rate: 19.392659 MB/sec; Output: TTL and LVDS (simultaneous)
    • RF Modulated output : Output Frequency: UHF channel 14/15; Frequency accuracy: +/- 10 kHz; Modulation type: 8 level VSB trellis for ATSC Terrestrial; Output impedance: 75 ohm; Output power level: +3 to +6 dbmV; In-band SNR: 30 dB with equalization
    • Program Storage : Total play time: 100 minutes (summation of all programs); Maximum number of programs: 25; Data compatibility: All formats in the ATSC standard; Hard disk drive: 16 G Byte Ultra DMA (Standard)
    • System : Display: 4 lines by 20 characters; Operating System: Microsoft NT; Internal Drive Bays: Provision for 2nd HDD; CD-ROM Drive: DVD compatible drive
    • Operating Temperature : 15 to 35 degrees C
    • Size : 7 inches X 13.7 inches X 15 inches HWD
    • Weight : 20 pounds
    • UNIT PACKAGE : portable, benchtop case
    • EXTERIOR AESTHETICS : powder coated aluminum case with plastic bezels and membrane front panel; Color to adhere to SENCORE standards