Sigma Systems Cycle RCC

Sigma Systems Cycle RCC

Environmental Chamber

The Sigma Systems Cycle RCC is one of our refurbished Environmental Chambers.

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Sigma Systems Cycle RCC Features:

  • Homogeneous, low gradient, environment
  • Large capacity
  • Greater flexibility
  • Less fixturing and holding of DUT
  • Wide temperature ranges available
  • Single stage refrigeration –30°C to –45°C
  • Dual stage cascaded refrigeration –55°C to –85°C
  • L–CO2 –65°C  (efficient to about –55°C)
  • L–N2 –100°C to –185°C (efficient to about –170°C)

The Sigma System Cycle RCC is a precisely temperature controllable convection oven in which items can be placed for heating or cooling. Also known more generically as “environmental chambers”, temperature chambers are the perfect choice for testing or conditioning large or irregularly shaped items. Temperature chambers are also ideal any time a very homogeneous (low gradient) thermal environment is required.