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Simco FMX-003

Simco FMX-003

Electrostatic Field Meter

The Simco FMX-003 is one of our refurbished Electrostatic Field Meters.

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Simco FMX-003 Features:

  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Range light assures accurate and repeatable measurements
  • Automatic range switching up to ±22kV (22,000V)
  • Digital and bar graph display with +/- indicators
  • Automatic power off with inactivity
  • Display features: Push button POWER, HOLD, ZERO and Ion Balance operation
  • Read Out: Bar graph - red LCD for positive polarity voltage; blue LCD for negative polarity voltage; Battery capacity and error display indicators
  • Measurement Capability: Measuring range: 0 to ±1.49 kV (low range); ± 1.0 kV to ± 22.0 kV (high range); 0 to ± 220 V (ion balance measuring range)
  • Measuring Distance: 1”±1/64” (25mm ± 0.5mm);LEDs guide for correct distance
  • Response Time: Display updates less than 5 times per second
  • Accuracy: 20 kV ± 10 %
  • Alarm Features: Beep sound will be heard during power on, power on with Auto off, power off and over range.
  • Power: 9 V, 6F22Y manganese battery
  • Size: 4 7/8” (123mm) L x 2 7/8” (73mm) W x 1” (25mm) D
  • Weight: 6 oz. (170g)

The FMX-003 fieldmeter is a compact electrostatic fieldmeter used for locating and measuring static charges. Its pocket size and three-button operation makes it convenient and easy to use.