Slaughter 2510

Slaughter 2510

AC Hipot Tester

The Slaughter 2510 is one of our refurbished AC Hipot Testers.

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Slaughter 2510 Features:

  • Tamper-Resistant
  • Front Panel Design 
  • Simple Menu Control
  • Electronic dwell settings
  • Electronic ramping
  • No load setup of trip current and output voltage
  • Optional Continuity test mode 
  • LED Display With Meter Memory
  • Output voltage fine adjustment 
  • Software calibration control 
  • Line and load regulation 
  • PLC remote inputs and outputs 
  • Flashing high voltage indicator

The Slaughter 2510 is a 5 KV, 10 mA AC Hipot tester that is designed for production line AC Hipot testing. With its advanced features and product reliability it is well suited for quick and easy production line safety testing.