Solar 6512-106R-1

Solar 6512-106R-1

Feed-Thru Capacitor

The Solar 6512-106R-1 is one of our used Feed-Thru Capacitors for RFI/EMI Test Setups.

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The Type 6512-106R Feed-Thru Capacitor is a highly reliable and ruggedly constructed unit for general use in screen rooms or other environments. The 3.375" square case with four husky mounting inserts lends itself to convenient installation with a minimum of effort. The 1⁄4-28 UNF threaded feed-thru stud will easily accommodate power currents in excess of 100 amperes without heating or voltage loss. The capacitance value is 10 µF ±10%. The  Type 6512-106R voltage rating is 600  volts d.c., 275 volts at 60 Hz, and 250 volts at 400 Hz. Low dissipation factor, high temperature rating, high insulation resistance, doubly rated dielectric strength, and long life characterize this versatile device. To satisfy safety requirements,  a bleeder resistance is included in the  Type 6512-106R Feed-Thru Capacitor which serves to discharge the capacitor when the applied voltage is removed.

    • High insulation resistance over wide temperature range.
    • Excellent stability with long life.
      Built-in discharge resistor for safety.
    • Designed for bulkhead or bench mounting.