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Sorensen SLH-500-4-1200

Sorensen SLH-500-4-1200

1200 Watt, Standalone, Programmable AC/DC Load - SLH AC Series

The Sorensen (formerly Xantrex) SLH-500-4-1200 is one of our Refurbished 500 V, 4 A, 1200 Watt, Rack Mounted, Programmable AC/DC Loads.

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Fully programmable, high power AC or DC electronic loads.

The 500V models are for PFC testing, power transformers and various other AC or DC power sources.

The 300V models are used for testing of UPSs, automatic voltage regulators (AVR), and batteries.

  • Rackmount Electronic Load, up to 1800 Watts:
    • Full front panel control with 150 memory states
    • Sequencer: 9 sequences, up to 16 steps each
  • Flexible Control:
    • DC Operating Modes: CC, CR, CP, CV, shorts, dynamic
    • AC Operating Modes: CC, Crest Factor, CR. Sync input for phase control
    • Standard GPIB / RS-232 programming
    • Analog inputs
  • Flexible measurement:
    • 16-bit, 4.5 Digit front panel meters
    • 16-bit GPIB, RS-232 readback
    • Isolated current monitor output
      (DC single input models <200V)