Spirent/TAS/Netcom DLS400E

Spirent/TAS/Netcom DLS400E

ADSL Wireline Simulator

The Spirent DLS400E is a used ADSL Wireline Simulator.

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The Spirent Communications DLS Division's DLS 400E simulates various types, lengths and
configurations of twisted pair telephony cable in order to test ADSL and other wireline technology
based products. The DLS 400E also simulates impairments, such as noise and impulse noise in order
to determine the margin upon which this technology will operate.

The DLS 400E is a two wire cable simulator which can be equipped with up to two ADSL wideband
noise cards. The user can select the length, line configuration, and set the various impairments using
the IEEE 488 or the RS-232 interface. The command language is based on the Standard Commands
for Programmable Interfaces (SCPI) standard.

  • Technology: Cable simulation using networks of discrete R, L&C components

  • Cable simulated: Balanced twisted copper pair

  • Impedance: Complex, varies over frequency with length and gauge

  • # of conductors: 2.

  • Types of cables: 0.32 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.63 mm and 0.9 mm cables specified in ETSI ETR

  • D.C. Rating: Up to 300 VDCpeak-to-peak across tip & ring, 100mA (150mA peak)

  • Bandwidth: D.C. to 1.5 MHz, smooth response up to 2MHz

  • Accuracy: For the specified bandwidth; ±0.5 dB for all attenuations up to 20 dB, for
    attenuation from 20 to 70 dB the tolerance is within 5% of design to a maximum of 1.5 dB