Spirent/TAS/Netcom DLS90

Spirent/TAS/Netcom DLS90

Single Gauge Wireline Simulator

The Spirent/Consultronics DLS90 is a single gauge wireline simulator.

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The Spirent/Consultronics DLS90 can siminulate the following:

  • ISDN U-interface Devices
  • Digital Loop Carrier (DLC)
  • Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL),
    High bit Rate Digital Subscriber Lines (HDSL)
  • DDS products, Centrex Data Units,
    Digital Service Units (DSU)
  • Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Loop (ADSL)
  • G.Lite
  • Switched 56 service units
  • Wireline Modems
  • Wireline Drivers
  • Inverse Multiplexers 
  • Pair-Gain Systems

The Spirent/Consultronics DLS90 reproduces the characteristics of a twisted PIC telephone cable for testing access products designed to operate on a local loop. The LCD alpha-numeric display and the push buttons on the front of the DLS90 control the length of the cable to be simulated. Adjustments are made in 50 foot or 50 meter lengths to help determine the distance at which transmission errors will occur. The Consultronics DLS90 can withstand 300V differentially from tip to ring without breakdown and can continuously pass 150mA, sealing current, ring voltage and loop current (line power) can be applied. The DLS90 can also be used to extend the DLS400 to include ANSI-1 specification.