Spirent/TAS/Netcom LAN-3101A

Spirent/TAS/Netcom LAN-3101A

6-pt 10/100 Ethernet SmartMetrics Module

The Spirent LAN-3101A is one of our used 6-pt 10/100 Ethernet SmartMetrics Modules.

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The Spirent Smartbits LAN-3101A is a 6-port, full/half duplex, Ethernet/Fast Ethernet SmartMetrics module for the SMB-600 or SMB-6000B chassis. Two of these modules (12 ports) may be used in an SMB-600 chasis. Twelve LAN-3101A modules may be used in an SMB-6000B chassis, providing a total of 72 SmartMetrics ports. Up to 64K flows on each stream via IP source or destination addresses. Capture: Full line-rate capture and analysis; Frame Length: 18-2,006 bytes; Frame selection: entire frame only; 6500 frame capture buffer for frames.

  • Interface: IEEE 802.3 series 10Base-T,100Base-TX
  • Connector type: RJ-45
  • Line Rate: 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps,user-controlled or autonegotiate
  • Port Density: 6 ports per module
  • Full-line rate: (10/100 Mbps) transmitStream-based
  • Transmit Mode: Up to 1,000 streams per port
  • Single burst: up to 4 billion packets in a single burst
  • Multi-burst: up to 4 billion repetitive bursts with user-defined delay between bursts