Spirent/TAS/Netcom ML7710

Spirent/TAS/Netcom ML7710

100 Mbps SmartMetrics Ethernet VLAN Module

The Spirent ML7710 is one of our refurbished 100 Mbps SmartMetrics Ethernet VLAN Modules.

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The Spirent Smartbits ML-7710 is a full/half duplex, Ethernet/Fast Ethernet SmartMetrics SmartCard for SMB-200 & SMB-2000. 1-port, RJ-45 interface. It enables the simulation of large, complex network configurations that are required to develop, test, and validate the performance and interoperability of Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices.

Spirent Smartbits ML-7710 Features:

  • Interface: IEEE 802.3 series 10/100Base-T
  • Connector type: 10/100Base-T, RJ-45
  • Line Rate: 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps, user-controlled or auto-negotiate