Staco L1010

Staco L1010

Variable Transformer

The Staco L1010 is one of our refurbished Variable Transformers.

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The Staco L1010's fully enclosed variable voltage controls provide protection from physical abuse, chemical spills, and other hazards.

They are ideal for about every laboratory application including control of electric heating elements, lighting, electric motor speed or power, and electrical testing. Output voltage is controlled with a large slip resistant knob which increases the voltage linearly as it is turned clockwise. In addition to portable use, the rugged, flat-topped enclosure has a slot at top rear for wall mounting.

All models include line cord and plug, receptacle, switch, pilot lamp and fuse (the metered unit includes a circuit breaker). A voltmeter and ammeter are included in the L1010VA. The meter accuracy is ±3%, and a meter range selector is used to increase reading resolution.