Sunrise Telecom AT2500RQv

Sunrise Telecom AT2500RQv

1.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer

The Sunrise Telecom AT2500RQv is one of our refurbished 1.5GHz Spectrum Analyzers.

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Sunrise Telecom AT2500RQv Features:

  • 1.5GHz high sensitivity spectrum analyzer
  • Complete set of CATV measurements including CCN,CSO,CTB, In-channel repsonse, Depth of Modulation, Hum and carrier frequency
  •  Complete set of NTSC Video measurements including a Vectorscope and Waveform monitor display
  • Built-in automatic filter increases the dynamic range of the instrument
  • 16, 64 and 156 QAM demodulation, MER capability up to 40dB
  • QAM analyzer with constellation, statistics, group delay, response and impairment analysis
  • Multiple trace display, detector selection and enhanced markers for added flexibility
  • Easy networking for remote control and automated operation

The Sunrise Telecom AT2500RQv has become the industry’s most complete spectrum analyzer combining QAM analysis, video demodulation, time domain measurements and FCC Proof-of Performance testing in a single instrument. Today’s broadband network technicians face the challenge of keeping the cable plant operating at peak performance at all times. To diagnose and correct problems, they need to be able to quickly perform sophisticated tests and get accurate results. Designed with PC technology in mind, the Sunrise AT2500RQv is a light-weight, full featured 1.5 GHz spectrum analyzer built to
withstand the rigors of field use.