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TAMS 80100B

TAMS 80100B VXI Controller

VXI Controller

The TAMS 80100B is one of our refurbished VXI Controllers.

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TAMS 80100B Features:

  • Native support for SICL and VISA on HPUX or Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Full featured interface from workstation to VXI chassis
  • VXI slot 0 controller
  • VXI resource manager
  • Word serial communication
  • Register based communication
  • Direct trigger and interrupt control
  • Direct access to VXI memory space
  • On board 2 MB of shared memory
  • A16, A24, A32 support


  • Software compatible with the HP E1489 MXI controller and V743 (E1497) embedded controller
  • 2x speed improvement over MXI-1 in small transactions
  • Greater than 4x speed improvement over MXI-1 in large block moves
  • 30% faster than the V743 in block moves

The TAMS 80100B allows high speed control of a VXI chassis from a PCI HP-UX or Red Hat Linux workstation. The TAMS 80100B PCI-VXI controller protects your software investment by offering full compatibility with Agilent VXI controllers and I/O libraries while offering improved testing throughput.