TDK/Lambda/EMI LK351FM

TDK/Lambda/EMI LK351FM

36 V, 25 AMP, Power Supply

The Lambda LK351FM is a used  Power Supply rated at 36 V, 25 AMPS.
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NIST Calibration Pricing - $115.00

This used power supply also incorporates an adjustable/automatic electronic current limiting circuit adjustable to 105% of rated current and both voltage and current meters. 

In the constant current mode you have automatic crossover with regulation of less than 10 mA or 0.1% whichever is less.

Outputs are adjusted by course and fine controls for both voltage and current.
  • 0 to 36 Volts
  • 25 AMP
  • Remote Sensing
  • Remotely Programmable
  • Series/Parallel Operation
  • No voltage spikes or overshoot on turn-on, turn-off or power failure.