Tegam RS925D

Tegam RS925D

Decade Resistance Standard

The Tegam RS925D is one of our refurbished 1.2 M Ohm Decade Resistance Standards.
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The TEGAM Model RS925D is a four-terminal, continuously variable resistance standard. Values from 10m to 1.2M can be achieved using eight decade switches. The rheostat offers a resolution of 20m.

Use of Evanohm, wire-wound precision resistors provide an accurate, stable standard with good temperature characteristics. The Model RS925D can be used as a standalone resistance standard or in conjunction with the TEGAM Models 801B/801C, and 240C to complete a 242D or 242E Resistance Measurement System.
  • Initial Adjustment Accuracy..± (20PPM + 1m) at any setting
  • 100 to 100k decks individually trimmed to 1 to 2 PPM Accuracy
  • Stability after adjustment... ± (20PPM + 0.5m) per year