Tektronix 11801C

Tektronix 11801C 50 GHz Digital Sampling Oscilloscope

50 GHz Digital Sampling Oscilloscope

The Tektronix 11801C is one of our refurbished Digital Sampling Oscilloscope mainframes with a potential 50 GHz bandwidth.

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Tektronix 11801C Features:

  • DC To 50-Ghz Bandwidth
  • 7-ps Rise Time
  • Eight Channels, Expandable to 136 (with SM-11 multichannel units)
  • High Resolution and Measurement Repeatability
  • 10-Femtosecond Sampling Interval (0.01 ps)
  • Modular Architecture
  • Dual-Timebase Allows Multiple Windows
  • FFT
  • Predefined Telecom Masks
  • True Dual-Step Differential TDR
  • Fully Automatic Jitter and Noise Measurements
  • Automatic Statistical Measurements, Histograms, and Mask Testing
  • Automatic Pulse Measurements with Statistics
  • Comprehensive Waveform Processing
  • Complete Programmability for ATE Applications
  • Color Display with Color Grading