Tektronix 11A33

Tektronix 11A33 Differential Comparator

Differential Comparator

The Tektronix 11A33 is one of our refurbished Differential Comparator Amplifiers.

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Tektronix 11A33 Features:

  • Bandwidth: DC to 150 MHz
  • Deflection: 1 mV to 10V/Div calibrated in 1% increments
  • Input impedance: 50 Ω, 1 MΩ, 1 GΩ selectable
  • Differential DC Offset range: +/- 1V at 1mV/Div
  • Very high resolution calibrated DC Offset (16,000 Div effective screen height)
  • High common-mode rejection
  • Fast overdrive recovery from large input signal

The Tektronix 11A33, when used as a differential amplifier, common mode input voltage range is ±8 V at 1mV/div. As a comparator, the built-in comparison voltage (Vc) is used to measure the fine structure of very large signals, such as the settling time of a digital-to-analog converter, with unprecedented accuracy and resolution.

The unit can be used in the 11301, 11302, 11401, and 11402 Oscilloscope mainframes.