Tektronix 141A

Tektronix 141A PAL Generator

PAL Generator

The Tektronix 141A is a used PAL Generator.
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The Tektronix 141A PAL Generator is a source of high-quality television test signals for 625-line, 50-cycle field standard PAL color TV systems. Three operating modes provide PAL color bars, a 5-Step Staircase with fixed Average Picture Level (APL), and the sale Staircase with variable APL.
  • PAL Color Bars: EBU bars - 75% amplitude, 100% saturated, 0% setup, 100% white reference (75% white reference also selectable); BBC 95% bars - 75% amplitide, 100% saturated, 25% setup, 100% white reference; 100% bars - 100% amplitude, 100% saturated, 0% setup, 100% white referente

  • Modulated Staircase: Fixed or Variable APL

  • Vertical Insertion Test Signal: Modulated staircase - Field 1, Field 2, or both