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Tektronix 1480C

Tektronix 1480C Waveform Monitor

Waveform Monitor

The Tektronix 1480C is a used Waveform Monitor.
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The Tektronix 1480C Waveform Monitor is a high-performance TV broadcast waveform monitor with many desirable features. It comes with a bright CRT, which eliminates many of the difficulties associated with VITS monitoring. The instrument has a distortion-free, vertical overscan capability, which offers increased high-resolution measurements. Specialization of the vertical response is possible through the selection of one of several front-panel filters (from Low Pass, through IRE & Flat, to Band Pass) around certain color subcarrier frequencies. Calibrated magnification to X50 & a high writing-rate CRT allow viewing of fast-rise, low repetition-rate signals. A waveform comparison feature provides for locating & overlaying any portion of a line-rate display with any other portion. 1480C is an NTSC-only waveform monitor.