Tektronix 172

Tektronix 172 Programmable Test Fixture

Programmable Test Fixture

The Tektronix 172 is a used Programmable Test Fixture.

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The Tektronix 172 Programmable Test Fixture is used with the 576 Curve Tracer, this module permits you to program a sequence of tests of J FETs, transistors, and diodes.

Performs up to eleven preprogrammed different tests on each device. A variable rate control is provided to allow the operator a comfortable level of activity or the tests may be sequenced manually. V.

Tests include measurement of Hfe, Vce, Iceo, Ices, Icer, Icbo, Iebo and for J FET's: Vp, Idss, Rds, Igss and BVgss.

The 172 can drive the device under test to 10 A peak or 500