Tektronix 2715

Tektronix 2715 Cable TV Spectrum Analyzer

Cable TV Spectrum Analyzer

The Tektronix 2715 is one of our refurbished Cable TV Spectrum Analyzers.

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Tektronix 2715 Features:

  • In-service Proof-of-performance Tests
  • Digital Service Installation and Troubleshooting
  • Ingress Detection
  • The Tektronix 2715 now includes automated tests for both analog and digitally-modulated channels. When you are ready to begin installing digital transmission of video, data or voice, the Tektronix 2715 is ready to help.
  • After setting up the Tektronix 2715 with the new, companion Cable TV RF Measurement Software for Windows, the analyzer automatically determines the correct measurements for each channel type - analog, digital, FM or pilot.
  • In-service Measurements Minimize Program Interruption, Reduce Cost of Acquiring Performance Data - Compatible with NTSC and PAL Systems
  • Digital Channel Measurements Are Ready When You Are - Characterize Averaged Power; Check Noise and Distortions that Can Worsen BER - Applicable to QAM, QPSK, QPR, VSB and OFDM Signals
  • Addresses All FCC Proof of Performance Measurements
  • Cable TV Measurements Enhance Measurement Repeatability and Reduce Technician Training Time
  • Carrier Level, Carrier Frequency, Carrier-to-noise, Hum/LFD and Other Key Measurements Execute Automatically from Easy-to-use, On-screen Menu
  • Unattended and Remote Measurement Modes Reduce Personnel Requirements in the Field
  • 75 Ohm Input with Quick-change F and BNC Connectors Reduce Repair Costs and Minimize Down Time
  • Enhanced Troubleshooting Power with Built-in Preamplifier, Audio and Video Demodulation - All Standard
  • Frequency Coverage to 2.15 GHz, with Opt. 50 and 75, Can View Downconverted Satellite Signals (L-Band)
  • Includes Windows-compatible PC Software for Programmed Measurement Configuration, Data Collection, Measurement Results Printouts, Limits Checking, Alarming and Control of a Locally or Remotely-located 2715
  • High Portability, On-board Non-volatile Memory, Four Digital Displays for Spectral Display Storage and Comparison, Plus True Analog, Continuous Gray Scale Display for Detecting Low Level Beats and Spurs Amidst Noise and Active Video