Tektronix 370

Tektronix 370 Curve Tracer

Curve Tracer

The Tektronix 370 is one of our refurbished Curve Tracers.

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NIST Calibration Pricing - $392.00

Tektronix 370 Features:

  • Automatic Tests Sequences
  • Non-Volatile Storage via GPIB Interface
  • Waveform Comparison
  • Dot Cursor
  • Windowing
  • Auxiliary Supply
  • On Screen Readout
  • Envelope Display
  • Digital Storage Display and Non-Storage Mode
  • Waveform Averaging

The Tektronix 370 is a refurbished Curve Tracer that provides dc parameter characterization of transistors, thyristors, diodes, SCRs, MOSFETs, optoelectronic components, solar cells, solid state displays and other semiconductor devices.

The Tektronix 370 is a completely programmable, digital storage, IEEE-488 bus control, bubble memory, 16 device tests on diodes, BP and FET transistors, thyristors, opto's and IC's. Currents to 10 A and voltages to 2000 V in 10 steps.