Tektronix 528A

Tektronix 528A NTSC Television Waveform Monitor

NTSC Television Waveform Monitor

The Tektronix 528A is one of our refurbished NTSC Television Waveform Monitors.

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Tektronix 528A Features:

  • 8 cm x 10 cm Display Area
  • Frequency Response at 1 V Full Scale is from 25 Hz to 3.6 MHz Within 1% of Response at 50 kHz
  • Frequency Response at 4 V Full Scale is from 3.6 MHz to 5 MHz Within +1%, -3% of Response at 50 kHz, & +1%, -3% of Response at 3.58 MHz

The Tektronix 528A is a used NTSC Television Waveform Monitor that is particularly well suited for monitoring signals from camera outputs, video system output lines, transmitter video input lines, closed-circuit TV systems & educational TV systems using a 30 frame (60 Hz field rate), 525 line scan.

Either of two video inputs may be selected from the front panel & displayed. FLAT, IRE, CHROMA & DIFF GAIN frequency response positions permit observation of various signal characteristics. A DC Restorer maintains the back porch at an essentially constant level despite changes in signal amplitude, Average Picture Level, & color burst.