Tektronix 577

Tektronix 577 Transistor Curve Tracer

Transistor Curve Tracer

The Tektronix 577 is one of our refurbished Transistor Curve Tracers.

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Tektronix 577 Features:

  • Vertical deflection factors from .2 nA/DIV (with magnifier on) to 2 A/DIV
  • Correct deflection factor is indicated by a back-lighted knob skirt
  • The vertical system monitors collector current even on the most sensitive ranges, such that three-terminal measurements can be made on all ranges
  • A mode switch that provides for grounded base or grounded emmitter-base breakdown or leakage
  • A bias supply that is adjustable from -12 volts to +12 volts
  • Output impedance< 10K ohms
  • Interlocking switch for the collector supply

The Tektronix 577 Curve Tracer has a collector supply variable from 0 to 1600 volts in several operating modes, including AC.
The current available varies from 10A(20 A Pulsed) on the lowest voltage range to 40mA (80mA Pulsed) on the highest voltage range. The collector supply power is set using a switch that changes series resistance to maintain the same peak power setting as the voltage range is changed. The collector supply is automatically disabled when the vertical display exceeds 2.5 screen dimensions, helping to protect the device under test from destructive currents.


Tektronix 577 - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
177 Standard Test Fixture
178 Linear IC Test Fixture
D1 Storage Mainframe
D2 Non Storage Mainframe