Tektronix 5B25N

Tektronix 5B25N Digital Time Base Plug-In

Digital Time Base Plug-In

The Tektronix 5B25N is one of our refurbished Digital Time Base Plug-Ins.

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Tektronix 5B25N Features:

  • Sweep: 200 ns/Div to 5 s/Div, 1—2—5 
  • Triggering: > 0.4 Div or 50 mV to 1 MHz, > 0.6 Div or 200 mV to 20 MHz 
  • X-Y mode: 50 mV/Div, 180 ns rise time, 2 MHz bandwidth, 1 MΩ // 24 pF input 
  • × 10 magnifier
  • Pretrigger adjustment 0-100%

The Tektronix 5B25N is a "digitizer time base" for the 5223 scope, i.e. a time base that also contains a sample clock generator. It will also operate in 5400-series mainframes as a generic time base.