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Tektronix 690SR

Tektronix 690SR High Resolution Color Monitor

High Resolution Color Monitor

The Tektronix 690SR is a used High Resolution Color Monitor.
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The Tektronix 690SR is designed to meet critical needs for image evaluation and video signal quality control in television, High Definition television, and computer imaging environments. This 19" high resolution monitor incorporates a Dot-Shawdowmask CRT and Tektronix's unique color convergence system providing accurate color registration over the entire screen (<0.18% of picture height!) for superior video quality. Front-panel switches allow the 690SR to be used either as an accurate picture/signal monitor to display faults if they are present, or as a high quality picture display monitor that provides a clean picture even in the presence of signal defects. Other features include stabilized color balance, adjustable picture size & aspect ratio, ability to operate at various scan frequencies, and rugged modular construction.