Tektronix 7904

Tektronix 7904 500 MHz, Oscilloscope Mainframe

500 MHz, Oscilloscope Mainframe

The Tektronix 7904 is one of our refurbished Analog Oscilloscope Mainframes with 4 Slots and a 500 MHz bandwidth.

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The Tektronix 7904 Analog Oscilloscope Mainframe is a low-cost solution for your more demanding applications. 

Tektronix 7904 Features:

  • Bandwidth DC to 500 MHz (depends on amplifier)
  • For two timebase plug-in
  • For two amplifier plug-in
  • Analogue readout, very good illumination
  • High crt voltage 21kV, bright clear beam even under a small time/division
  • Build in AC, DC and current probe calibrator