Tektronix 7B15

Tektronix 7B15 Delaying Time Base Plug-In

Delaying Time Base Plug-In

The Tektronix 7B15 is one of our refurbished Delaying Time Base Plug-Ins.

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Tektronix 7B15 Features:

  • Sweep: 200 ms/Div to 2 ns/Div in 1-2-5 sequence, ×10 magnifier down to 200 ps/Div, variable to ×2.5 
  • Triggering: to 1 GHz 
  • Jitter: less than 30 ps at 1 GHz 
  • Digital read-out of delay and delta times
  • Variable Trigger Holdoff
  • HF Sync mode
  • Peak-to-peak Auto Triggering
  • Delta Time Measurements with CRT Readout
  • Delayed Time Measurements with CRT Readout
  • Vertical Trace Separation Between Two Delayed Sweeps

The Tektronix 7B15 is a 1 GHz delaying time base for 7000-series scopes, in particular, the 1 GHz 7104 (typically used with 7A29 vertical amplifiers and a 7B10 delayed time base).