Tektronix 7B92A

Tektronix 7B92A 500 MHz, Delayed Time Base Plug-In

500 MHz, Delayed Time Base Plug-In

The Tektronix 7B92A is one of our refurbished 500 MHz, Delayed Time Base Plug-Ins.

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Tektronix 7B92A Features:

  • 0.5ns/DIV to 0.2s/DIV Calibrated Time Base
  • Triggering to 500 MHz
  • Display Switching -- Alternate Display of Intensified Delaying & Delayed Sweeps

The 7B92A features four diplay modes: normal, intensified delaying sweep (controlled contrast), delayed sweep and alternate.
The 7B92A is recommended for use with the 7100, 7800 and 7900 FAMILIES. Its exceptionally fast sweep (500 ps/div) ideally matches the ultra-high bandwidth of the 7900 FAMILY. Since the 7B92 uses only one horizontal compartment it permits usage of the other horizontal compartment for specialized measurements.