Tektronix 7L13

Tektronix 7L13 Spectrum Analyzer Plug-In

Spectrum Analyzer Plug-In

The Tektronix 7L13 is a used Spectrum Analyzer Plug-In.
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Designed for use in the Tek 7000-Series Mainframes, the Tektronix 7L13 Spectrum Analyzer represents very high performance in an instrument of this frequency range and price.

In addition to incorporating the standard features of the 7L12, it also has CRT readout of the center frequency, and an UNCAL light to indicate incorrect settings of the sweep rate or resolution controls.
FM stability is 10 Hz, making 30 Hz resolution possible across the entire frequency range of 1 kHz to 1.8 GHz.
Resolution bandwidth selections from 30 Hz to 3 MHz.
Automatic phase locking permits a stability within 2 kHz, after warm-up, over a one hour period.
Specifications and features include fully calibrated displays with 70 dB on-screen dynamic range,
IM distortion of 70 dB below full screen, spurious free operation, Sensitivity: -128 dBm