Tektronix AWG420

Tektronix AWG420 2 Channel, Arbitrary Function Generator

2 Channel, Arbitrary Function Generator

The Tektronix AWG420 is one of our refurbished 200 MS/s, 16-Bit, 2 Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generators.

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The Tektronix AWG420 performs a wide range of modulated (I&Q) and mixed signal simulations (analog & digital) for wireless and wired data communication, in addition to semiconductor device characterization.

The Tektronix AWG420 is ideal for design or manufacturing test engineers who need to replicate marginal and erroneous mixed signal conditions. The color display, graphical user interface and stand-alone Microsoft Windowsbased waveform creating utility supports quick creation, editing and output of custom or imported waveforms.

Tektronix AWG420 Features:

  • 2Independent Waveform Channel
  • 16-Bit (1/65536) Vertical Resolution
  • 200 MS/s Sample Rate
  • Up to 16 M Record Length
  • Optional 16/32/48-Bit 100 MHz (CMOS) Digital Data Generator for Mixed-signal Device Testing
  • 2, 4 or 6 Digital Marker Outputs
  • Channel Internal Independent Noise Generator
  • Independent Channel Skew Control
  • Independent Channel External Signal ADD-INPUT
  • External Clock and External Reference Inputs


  • Designing, Testing and Deploying
    • Quadrature Digitally Modulated I&Q Signals and Displays
    • Mixed (Analog/Digital) Signals
    • Stimulus Signals for Imaging Display and Recording Devices (CCD, LCD)
    • Enhanced/Corrupted Playback of DSO Captured Signals
    • Simulation Waveform Vectors Imported from Mathcad, Matlab, Excel and Others

Network Communications Physical Layer Testing

  • ITU-T (E1, E2, E3)
  • TI.102 (DS1, DS1A, DS1C)
  • Fibre Channel (FCI33E)
  • D2
  • 100Base-TX