Tektronix AWG520

Tektronix AWG520 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The Tektronix AWG520 is one of our refurbished Arbitrary Waveform Generator.

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Tektronix AWG250 Features:

  • Two Channels with 10-Bit Vertical Resolution
  • Independent 10-Channel, 1 GHz Digital Data Generation (Opt. 03)
  • Built-in Independent Real-time Noise Generation
  • External Clock Input Permits Jitter Insertion and Synchronization
  • Supports Direct External Clock and 10 MHz Reference Input
  • Unique Real-time Sequencing Links Multiple Waveform Files Creating Waveforms of Nearly Infinite Length
  • Built-in Application Generates Jitter, Data Communication and Disk Drive Waveforms
  • User Modified Isolation Pulse for Disk Drive Testing
  • Built-in 10 GB Hard Drive for Mass Data Storage that can Optionally be made Removable for Secure Applications (using Opt 11)
  • Optional 128 MB Flash Disk for ATE Applications (Opt 10)
  • Replace Standard Function and Sweep Generators in Wide Range of Applications


Tektronix AWG520 - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
03 Ch 2 - 10 Bit Output up to 1 GHz