Tektronix AWG615

Tektronix AWG615 1.35 GHz, Arbitrary Waveform Generator

1.35 GHz, Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The Tektronix AWG615 is one of our used Arbitrary Waveform Generators with a bandwidth of 1.35 GHz.
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The AWG615 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Delivers World-class Signal Fidelity at 2.7 GS/s to Solve Ever-increasing Measurement Challenges

The AWG615 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Delivers World-class Signal Fidelity at 2.7 GS/s to Solve Ever-increasing Measurement Challenges. New two box synchronous operation function supports 2ch 2.7 GS/s solution.

The AWG615 combines world-class signal fidelity with high-speed mixed signal simulation, a powerful sequencing capability and graphical user interface with flexible waveform editor, to solve the toughest measurement challenges in the disk drive, communications and semiconductor design/test industries.

The built-in signal applications enable you to easily create standard waveforms for disk drive read channels, communications up to 2.7 Gb/s. Also included is AXW100 ArbExpress waveform creation and editing software. This software allows for easy waveform import from oscilloscopes or basic, advanced, and math waveform creation and edit capabilities.
  • Features:
    • 2.7 GS/s Sample Rate Simulates Real-world Signals Up To 1.35 GHz
    • 2 Markers With 2.1 psRMS (@ 2.7 GS/s, Typical) Jitter Deliver stable Timing to the Device-under-test (DUT)
    • 32.4M (32,400,000) or 64.8M (64,800,000) Point Record Length Provide Longer Data Streams
    • Analog Bandwidth to 2 GHz (Option 02, Calculated Based on Rise Time) Provides the Highest Signal Fidelity of All High-speed AWGs
    • Direct External clock input allows Jittered and non-jittered signals for high-speed data stream timing margin test up to 2.7 Gb/s
    • Synchronous operation mode supports two AWG615 outputs (2: analog, 4: marker) synchronization for high data rate wireless and data communication test and optical write channel strategy signal test.
    • Waveform Quick Editor with 400 fs Edge Timing Resolution Delivers Output Edge Control with Near Real-time Precision
    • Allows two-signal mix function digitally to support disk drive noise performance test and Pre/De-emphasis serial data communication test
    • Real-time Sequencing Creates Infinite Waveform Loops, Jumps, Patterns and Conditional Branches
  • Applications:
    • Disk Drive Read/Write Design and Test
    • Communications Design and Test
    • Arbitrary IF and IQ Base-band Signals
    • Standard Waveforms for Communications
    • Pulse Generation
    • High-speed, Low-jitter Data and Clock Source
    • Mixed Signal Design and Test
    • Real-world Simulations
    • Corruption and Enhancement of Ideal Waveforms
    • Timing and Amplitude Signal Impairments
    • Waveforms Imported from MathCad, MATLAB, Excel and Others