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Tektronix AWVG1

Tektronix AWVG1 Multiformat Generator

Multiformat Generator

The Tektronix AVG1 is a used Multiformat Generator.
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  • Research and Development

  • Studio Reference Generator

  • Manufacturing Test

  • Equipment Design Maintenance

  • Post-production and Broadcast Facilities

  • Automated Manufacturing Test

The Tektronix AVG1 supports NTSC, PAL, PAL-D, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM, RGB, YC, and Y, B-Y, R-Y.
Signal generation architecture is 12-Bit, 27 MHz component with digital modulation for composite signals. This ensures high accuracy, distortion free signals within a 6 MHz video bandwidth and signals suitable for many applications up to 8 MHz.
  • Multiformat Analog and Digital Test Signal Generation

  • Reference Generator Performance Level

  • Conforms to Analog and Digital, Video and Audio Industry Standards

  • Modular Expandable Platform

  • Designed for the Requirements of Today and the Future

  • Fully Supports VM700T Video Measurement Routines

  • RAM-based Test Signal Generators with Nonvolatile Storage

  • Test Signal Libraries for All Formats

  • Variable Analog and Digital Video Parameters