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Tektronix CSA8200

CSA8200 Tektronix Communication Analyzer

Communications Signal Analyzer

The CSA8200 is a communication analyzer from Tektronix. A communication analyzer is a superior type of electronic test equipment for physical layer, circuit, and new technology testing. Anyone in the business of testing data networks can use a communication analyzer for the measurement and monitoring of equipment.

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Tektronix CSA8200 Features:

  • DC to 70+ GHz*1 Bandwidth
  • Industry-leading Timebase Accuracy
  • Jitter <200 fsRMS with 82A04
  • 800 fsRMS Standard
  • Modular Architecture with Up to Eight Acquisition Channels
  • Advanced Jitter, Noise and BER analysis
  • Analysis of High-speed Serial Data Rates from 1 Gb/s to 60 Gb/s Provides Insight Into Precise Causes of Eye Closure
  • Separation of Both Jitter and Noise Provides Highly Accurate Extrapolation of BER and Eye Contour
  • High performance TDR/TDT
  • True Differential Step Generator and Signal Acquisition
  • <28 ps Reflected Rise Time
  • Up to 4 Differential Pairs (8 channels)
  • High Fidelity Differential and Single-ended Probing Automated Standards Mask Testing
  • Communications Standards Including Sonet/SDH, Ethernet, OIF and Fibre Channel
  • Computer Standards Including SATA, SAS, PCI Express and Rapid IO
  • Automated Measurement System with Over 100 NRZ, Pulse and RZ Measurements
  • FrameScan® Acquisition Mode
  • Isolate Data Dependent Faults
  • Signal Averaging to Examine Low-power Signal
  • Four Color Graded Variable Persistence Waveform Databases
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Operating System


  • Signal Integrity, Advanced Jitter, Noise and BER Analysis
  • Characterization of Next-generation Digital Designs
  • Design Characterization and Manufacturing Compliance Test of Telecom, Datacom, Storage Area Network, Computer and High-speed Backplane Designs
  • TDR, Impedance Characterization, and Cross Talk Measurements for PCBs, Cables and IC Packages

The Tektronix CSA8200 Sampling Oscilloscopes are comprehensive acquisition and measurement instruments for research, design evaluation and manufacturing test in the fields of datacom and telecom components, transceiver subassemblies, and transmission systems, computer and storage-based high speed electrical serial data, semiconductor test, TDR-based impedance characterization and other applications requiring bandwidths into tens of GHz.

Compliance-based mask testing of high speed optical and electrical communications, and computer standards such as SDH/SONET, Ethernet, Fibre Channel is included.

Color-grading and gray-scale grading of waveform data adds a third dimension, sample density, to signal acquisition and analyses. The industry’s first variable persistence database allows exact data and measurement aging on all of the functions, and facilitates dynamic update on DUTs under adjustment.