Tektronix DC503A

Tektronix DC503A Universal Counter / Timer

Universal Counter / Timer

The Tektronix DC503A is a used Universal Counter / Timer.
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  • Two input channels: A and B
    • Each with 125MHz capability
  • Each channel has separate:
    • Triggering level
    • Triggering slope
    • Attenuator
    • Coupling mode controls
  • Eight measurement functions are available and an averaging feature allows averaging of 1 to 10 occurrences of the signal of interest
  • Signals to be counted or timed can be applied to channels A and B via front-panel BNC connectors or through rear-interface connections
  • An easy-access front panel and an LSI-based design for increased instrument reliability.
  • Equipped with a temperature-controlled 10MHz crystal oscillator to obtain a highly stable and precise internal time base