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Tektronix DPO70604

Tektronix DPO70604

6 GHz, 25GS/s, 4 CH, Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope

The Tektronix DPO70604 is one of our refurbished 6 GHz, 25GS/s, 4 CH, Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes.

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Tektronix DPO70604 Features:

  • Bandwidth: 6 GHz
  • 4 Channels
  • Sample Rate: 25 GS/s
  • Record Length: 10M
  • Time Base Range: 20 ps/div to 1000 s/div
  • Fastest Waveform Capture Rate with >300,000 wfm/s Maximum per Channel
  • Enhanced Bandwidth to the Probe Tip Extended to Support Multiple Bandwidth Steps for Advanced Signal Integrity
  • Pinpoint® Triggering with Over 1400 Combinations to Address Virtually Any Triggering Situation
  • Unique Serial Pattern Triggering
  • Up to 3.125 Gb/s and 8b/10b Standard Protocol Triggering for Isolation of Pattern-dependent Effects and NRZ Serial Test Pattern Triggering up to 6.25 Gb/s
  • Most Popular Jitter and Timing Measurement and Analysis Package
  • 12.1" Largest XGA Touch Screen Display in the Industry
  • Event Search and Mark to Facilitate the Comprehension of Event Relationships
  • MyScope® Custom Windows and Right Mouse Click Menus for Exceptional Efficiency
  • OpenChoice® Software with Microsoft Windows XP OS Enables Built-in Networking and Extended Analysis


  • Signal Integrity, Jitter and Timing Analysis
  • Verification, Debug and Characterization of Sophisticated Designs
  • Debugging and Compliance Testing of Serial Data Streams for Telecom and Datacom Industry Standards
  • Investigation of Transient Phenomena
  • Spectral Analysis

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