Tektronix DTG5334

Tektronix DTG5334 3.35 Gb/s, 4-slot mainframe Pulse Generator

3.35 Gb/s, 4-slot mainframe Pulse Generator

The Tektronix DTG5334 is one of our refurbished 3.35 Gb/s, 4-slot mainframe Pulse Generators. 

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Tektronix DTG5334 Features:

  • Versatile Platform Combines Features of Data Generator, Pulse Generator, and DC Source
  • Up to 3.35 Gb/s Data Rate
  • From 1 to 96 Data Channels (Master/Slave)
  • Class Leading Delay Resolution of 0.2 ps, up to 600 ns of Total Delay
  • Modular Architecture Helps to Protect Your Investment and Allows the Instrument to Expand With Your Growing Needs
  • Advanced Control Over Signal Parameters to Meet Most Current Testing Needs, Including Stressed Eye Generation
  • Level Control with 5 mV Resolution
  • Easy to Use and Learn, Shortens Time to Test
  • Easily Configure with Plug-in Modules
  • Intuitive Windows User Interface
  • Benchtop Form Factor
  • Integrated PC Supports Network Integration and Built-in CD-ROM, LAN, Floppy Drive, USB Ports
  • Up to 64 Mb Pattern Depth Per Channel for Complex Data Patterns


  • Semiconductor Device Functional Test and Characterization
  • Support for Semiconductor Technologies from TTL to LVDS
  • Intuitive Windows User Interface
  • Initial Verification and Debugging, Comprehensive Characterization, Manufacturing, and Quality Control
  • Compliance and Interoperability Testing to Emerging Standards
  • PCI-Express Gen1:2.5 Gbps
  • Serial ATA Gen1/2:1.5 Gbps/3 Gbps
  • InfiniBand 2.5 Gbps
  • XAUI: 3.125 Gbps
  • HDMI: Version 1.3 / DVI
  • Magnetic and Optical Storage Design
  • Research, Development, and Test of Next-generation Devices (HDD, DC/DVD, Blu-ray)
  • Data Conversion Device Design
  • Characterization and Test of Next-generation D/A Convertors
  • Imaging Sensor Device Design
  • Characterization and Functional Testing of Next-generation Imaging Devices (CCD/CMOS)
  • Jitter Transfer and Jitter Tolerance Testing

The Tektronix DTG5334 combines the power of a data generator with the capabilities of a pulse generator in a versatile, benchtop form factor, shortening the duration of complex test procedures and simplifying the generation of low-jitter, high-accuracy clock signals, parallel or serial data across multiple channels. Its modular platform allows you to easily configure the performance of the instrument to your existing and emerging needs to minimize equipment costs.